Modern science is really inclusive nowadays, and many scientists are keen on finding the realities of the old wives’ tales. Whether or not they have actual effects on the physiological systems or not. Some of these home remedies include using aloe Vera gel for soothing properties, charcoal toothpaste, etc. One of the most common practices is using the coconut oil pulling method to whiten teeth.

Coconut oil has been a hot topic amongst researchers since many years. Few claim that it may aid in weight shedding, prevention of heart diseases, urinary tract infection treatments, and even dental such as whitening teeth.

Let’s dive in deep about the last claim, does oil pulling with coconut oil really helps to whiten teeth or not?

Can Coconut Oil Pulling Successfully Whiten Teeth?

Few studies show that coconut oil has antimicrobial properties that are more effective on some bacterial strains, which are the main reason for tooth decay. Some researchers indicate that its effect may be like chlorhexidine – an effective antibacterial agent.

Coconut oil contains fatty acids in that may dissolve and help evade plaque buildup on the teeth surface. Moreover, it also effectively clears out gums and takes any bacteria that may happen to reside in the mouth.

After the swish and swirl, while spitting, the concoction takes all the foul and unwanted matter with it, effectively reducing halitosis or bad breath as well.

The basic principle is “the pulling action” of toxins out of the mouth. The coconut oil supposedly pulls stains of any sort out of your enamel layer to whiten your teeth. Coconut is a widespread choice for this, but you can use any other oil of your choice as well.

It claims to do a lot, but does it whiten the teeth? It is still inconclusive. However, the inclination is towards disproval.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

What makes coconut oil one of the most popular choices to whiten teeth? Coconut oil is an extract from plants that shows numerous beneficial health effects, from dental to dermatological aspects. Moreover, it also has certain medicinal properties that make it suitable as a part of ayurvedic medicine.

It may not successfully whitewash your teeth, but it has other benefits for the oral cavity, which include:

  • Activating enzymes in the saliva to absorb the chemical, bacterial, and even environmental toxins.
  • It starts with the antioxidant chain to kill bacteria by attacking their cell walls, resulting in their death.
  • Increase the saponification index, which is possible due to lauric acid that can reduce plaque adhesion; it also cleanses the mouth.
  • Prevents bad odor from the mouth, a condition known as halitosis.
  • Increases the body’s metabolism, aiding in healing and increasing longevity of life.
  • It prevents as well as fights various gum diseases by pulling plaque and bacteria that can cause gum disease.


Regular brushing or flossing with or without the help of coconut oil will greatly aid to whiten the teeth and retain their natural color. No method, specifically coconut oil pulling, cannot replace it. To know more, connect with the dentists from George Town Dental – dial (737) 444-2626.