Toothache Emergency? Follow These 15+ Tips for Relief

Sep 15, 202263 Views

Dental pain, although occasional, might take a drastic turn within a fraction of a second. In that situation, only a dentist can be of help. However, if you cannot get in touch with one immediately, certain tips for emergency toothache relief may come in handy. 11 Home Remedies for Effective Emergency Toothache Relief Here are […]

Is Coconut Oil Pulling Effective To Whiten Teeth?

Aug 30, 2022606 Views

Modern science is really inclusive nowadays, and many scientists are keen on finding the realities of the old wives’ tales. Whether or not they have actual effects on the physiological systems or not. Some of these home remedies include using aloe Vera gel for soothing properties, charcoal toothpaste, etc. One of the most common practices […]

How To Pop Gum Abscess At Home With Ease

Aug 15, 2022338 Views

Having a tooth or gum abscess is quite a frightening experience and a dangerous situation. The tiny infected bump on gums can convert into a large-sized ball in no time. Want to know how to pop a gum abscess at home? Read this blog for your answers. But first, let’s discuss what a gum abscess […]

9 Reasons Why The Roof Of Your Mouth Hurts

Jul 16, 2022516 Views

Pain in the oral cavity is an indicator of something wrong happening in it. Oral health is linked to overall wellbeing, so it is better not to leave the matter unattended. If any part of your mouth hurts, like the roof, tongue, or gums, get in touch with your dentist immediately. Usually, the reasons are […]

Salt Water Solution For Symptomatic Relief

Jul 15, 2022491 Views

Salt water gargle is a straightforward method to deal with the oral cavity’s troubles effectively. Few of the many common ones include sore throat, inflammation, cough, etc., for which salt water gargle wash shows marked improvement. It is no less than a magic potion that can aid in the healing of various flu-like symptoms and […]

What Are Teeth Made Up Of?

Jun 30, 2022410 Views

As a layman, thinking that teeth and bones are the same is expected. They are pretty similar in visual appearance and constitute calcium. But this is where their similarities end. The answer to your question, “are teeth bones?” is no, they are not. Both structures of the human body are made from minerals such as […]

9 Ways To Treat Pimple On Your Lip

Jun 15, 2022366 Views

Pimples are bumpy protrusions that grow on the surface of your body and are mostly simultaneously used with the word acne. You may find it on any part of your skin surface, and do not worry much if there is a pimple on your lip too. Having a lip pimple is pretty common and usually […]

Want To Know How Does A Cavity Look Like On Teeth?

May 30, 2022609 Views

If your teeth have tiny black spots on them, there might be a chance that they are actually cavities. You must wonder how to distinguish if you have a cavity vs stain? Well, we are here with answers. In this blog, we have detailed specific marking characteristics that will help you understand what does a […]


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