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Case 1: Smile make over canine-canine upper teeth

The patient came with failing teeth and missing teeth on front teeth. Patient had severe bone loss and gum recession. Placed 3 implants and restored the front missing teeth with implants and placed 2 new crowns on canine teeth. The pictures are taken on the day of crown delivery after the gums heal in 2 weeks the results will look much more natural.

Case Study

Case 2

76 years old female with severe bone loss and very thin bone came in for implant placement. Use of CBCT enables accurate planning on the size of the implant and the procedure need to be done for bone grafting and surgery prior to implant placement. This was a very complex cae as the patient has only 3.5-4 mm bone width in an area that at least 7-8 mm of bone width is needed. Split ridge bone technique was performed and the patient did not feel any pain during the implant procedure. Comfort of patient throughout the procedure is very important and we have a protocol to assure patient comfort based on the 100’s of cases performed by Dr. A.

Case Study

Case 3

Full mouth extraction and implant placement in lower arch for patients with limited finances to have a snap on denture placed only on the lower arch. The total time for this procedure was only 3 hours. New upper and lower dentures were provided to the patient and patient left the office with a new set of teeth and implants.

Case Study

Case 4

Extraction and sinus lift and implant placement on tooth #15. Total procedure time was 1.5 hrs. Tooth was extracted and cleaned off all infection. Due to lack of bone a sinus lift was performed and an implant was placed afterwards as it can be seen on the X-Ray.

Case Study

Case 5

Patient came in with a broken upper left lateral tooth and would like an implant with a temporary crown before leaving home. Removed the broken tooth, placed an implant in the area and bone grafted the area and placed a temporary crown on the implant and patient went home with a brand new tooth.

Case Study

Case 6

Severe bone loss and no gums on the outside of this upper front tooth and the patient experienced pain and would like extraction and did not want any bridge at this time. Extracted this tooth, placed implant and bone+ gum grafted, and finally placed a temporary crown over this implant. This is a very challenging case due to complete lack of gums and bone in the implant area

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