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Mini Implant vs Regular Implant – Which One is Better For You?

Mar 15, 202342147 Views

Missing teeth and self-consciousness go hand in hand. It impacts your confidence and may hinder your eating and speaking ability. This is where dental implants play their part. They are popular for replacing missing teeth since they look and feel natural. Dental implants need artificial tooth roots of titanium that are put into the jawbone. […]

Denal Injuries In Children

Feb 28, 2023314 Views

Are mouth injuries in toddlers common? If you have been in the presence of a toddler before, you know that they are tiny tornadoes of havoc. They’re constantly running, climbing, and exploring their surroundings. Since they are still in the development stage, a few spills along the way are inevitable. So yes, a mouth injury […]

Children’s Diet and Oral Health Link

Feb 15, 2023217 Views

Anything that your children put in their mouths affects their oral health. It is very important to keep a close eye on what they eat to eliminate the risk of cavities or decay. Adequate dental health starts from your children’s diet, so it is immensely important to get in touch with a pediatric dentist to […]

Dealing With Dental Implant Pressure and Pain

Jan 30, 2023384 Views

Dental implants, without a doubt, are the best option for your missing tooth, more so since getting them is a painless procedure. It is literally once in a lifetime thing that has around a 98% success rate. But, because it is extensively invasive, you must take proper aftercare. Talk to your dentist immediately if you […]

My Kids Don’t Brush Their Teeth, What Do I Do?

Jan 15, 2023248 Views

You can’t really force kids to do everything exactly how you want, even if it’s brushing their teeth for their benefit. Kids who don’t brush their teeth often show poor oral health that not only hampers their life as a child, but they grow up to be adults no one wants to be with. Probable […]