It’s okay if you have lost your teeth due to any reason, like a disease or trauma, because dentures are here to save the day. You do not have to stay toothless; this artificial set of teeth will keep up your esteem. So, ready to know what to do on the first day with dentures on?

First Day with Dentures On

It is not going to be entirely easy to live with dentures on but trust us. You can normally live with them, but your body needs time for adjustment.

Here’s what to expect with dentures on your first day:

You must know that the sail will be a little bumpy on day one. Expect to have some sore bumps on your gums.

The reason behind it is the pressure on the denture. You adjust to it in the coming 5 hours of continuous wear. Your dentist will identify the exact painful areas to trim them down, so they do not go sore in the future.

Next, you may feel that the denture is not tight enough. If your teeth removal was on the same day of denture fixation, the latter is likely to feel loose since your gums and bone need time to heal and shrink.

In a nutshell, loose fitting of dentures is quite normal and expected. The good news is your dentist has a solution for this issue. They will ask you to wear a temporary liner for your denture to fit in the first few days.

Moreover, speech is not going to be the same. You will gradually ease into the new entry and learn to talk with new dentures in place, so the first day is going to be tough. However, with some patience and practice, you will get there.

Denture Aftercare

Here’s how to take care of your dentures to increase their longevity.


This is perhaps one of the most crucial things to improve the life of your dentures. The best way to do it is by rinsing them in cold water.

Gently scrub it inside out with a specialized denture brush with only cold water; we strictly forbid using soap, toothpaste, or denture cleaners.

Steps to clean your dentures:

  • Fill 1/3rd of your sink or a large bowl with cold water.
  • Take the brush and gently sway it clean and rinse it off.

Ensure that cleaning is done every night after meals to get rid of plaque and tartar build-up like normal teeth.

Dental Adhesives

They are used as per requirement. Adhesives need cleaning every day; therefore, make sure to remove them from your denture.

Prescription Medications

This tip is as important as cleanliness. Make sure you do not skip taking any prescribed painkillers or medicines as directed by your dentist.

7 Steps To Store Dentures Overnight

  1. You might not be able to take off your dentures right after the first day ends but 2 weeks following the date of extractions, you can take them off at bedtime.
  2. Clean them just like it is mentioned.
  3. Place your denture in a container (or a cup) and fill it using cold water and a denture-cleaning solution.
  4. Now let it rest for the night while you sleep.
  5. Keep them in a humid or wet surrounding when they are not in your mouth to prevent warping.
  6. After denture removal, softly brush your gums, along with the tongue and palate, to remove plaque and bacteria and stimulate blood flow.
  7. In the morning, rinse them once again before putting them back in your mouth.

Final Words

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