Pain in the oral cavity is an indicator of something wrong happening in it. Oral health is linked to overall wellbeing, so it is better not to leave the matter unattended. If any part of your mouth hurts, like the roof, tongue, or gums, get in touch with your dentist immediately.

Usually, the reasons are not harmful; however, in a twisted turn of events, it may be grave enough to cause fatality. This blog has detailed the top 9 reasons why the roof of your mouth, also known as the palate, hurts.

Does The Sore Mouth Roof Hurt?

If your palate hurts or is swollen, you may have one of these conditions:

Muscular Cramps

If the roof of your mouth suddenly starts to hurt, a muscular cramp might be one of the reasons for it. However, the palate not necessarily has a muscle layer, but certain cases show that dehydration and electrolytic imbalance can lead to cramps.

Mouth Burns

The roof or palate of your mouth is one of the sensitive areas that are prone to burn by eating anything hot or spicy. This condition is often referred to as a “pizza palate .”The reason behind it are those hot pizza slices are one of the common foods to burn the roof of your mouth.

Similarly, hot beverages can also be a reason for discomfort. A burnt palate does not need any form of attention since the body can heal by itself within a few days.

Canker Sores

If your mouth palate hurts and has yellow or red marks, it indicates the presence of canker sores. They do not need any kind of medical treatment; expect them to be gone within 5 to 10 days. Certain home remedies are available for canker sores that you can use if the sore hurts your mouth roof.

Oral Cancer

Usually, mouth sores are not that big of a deal, but they can also be fatal. This is why we emphasize getting proper oral examination at certain intervals for early detection. Make sure you get that lump in your mouth checked.

Cold Sores

Itchy sensation or tingles in the palate? If your mouth roof hurts, blisters are there; then you have cold sores. The culprit is the herpes simplex virus. The blisters are contagious; therefore, it is necessary to control their spread. However, they heal on their own within a few days.

Torus Palatinus

It is basically a harmless bony growth situated on the mouth roof. Some affected individuals have it from birth, or they may appear in the latter part of their lives.

Dry Mouth

The swollen mouth roof may hurt on touch, and one of the reasons for it is dry mouth or xerostomia. It is a condition in which the mouth is not moistened enough due to factors like inadequate water intake, and salivary gland dysfunction or medication side effect.

Electrolyte Imbalance

The human body requires a certain balance of minerals to function. If the regulation is improper, it leads to issues like dry mouth.


Mucoceles are center-filled cysts (saliva). In case the salivary gland becomes blocked, it results in saliva filled blister there.


Mouth sores are the primary reason why the roof or palate hurts. The reason is not something grave. However, it is best to get it examined. Set up an appointment with the dentists from George Town Elite Dental at (737) 444-2626.